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The Future of materials is here.

The Future of materials is here.

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Dickinson specializes in the design and fabrication of ultrafine "architected" materials. Our scientists employ proprietary technologies to synthesize small-scale building blocks and assemble them into miniaturized physical architectures with molecular-scale precision. A material's architecture is designed and constructed for a specific purpose, analogous to how macrosopic structures would be designed and built at larger scales. Employing rational design principles enables Dickinson to realize exciting new material behaviors and performance capabilities.


The Future of Materials

Materials make history—that's why the early epochs of human civilization are named after the materials of those ages. Today, materials science is poised to undergo another paradigm shift. Many conventional materials like plastics, metals, ceramics, and composites will be replaced by "architected" materials capable of behaviors that seem alien by today's standards. In addition to the new functionality and improved performance of these future materials, their ancillary benefits—including better energy efficiency, durability and recyclability—will create a profoundly positive impact on our world.



Due to the close link between purpose-built, "architected" materials and the applications for which they are designed, the traditional segmentation between upstream material suppliers and their downstream customers leads to information and capability gaps. Dickinson is pursuing an integrated approach to materials technology and application development to insure that its products are exactly what customers need.  The company's initial focus is on developing functional additives that will provide customers with a literal drop-in solution enabled by Dickinson's technology.

Technical contacts

Wayne Dickinson.............................................. Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Mr. Dickinson has over 40 years of solving problems and developing technologies for NASA, US Navy, and some of the world's largest oil and gas companies. A prolific inventor and creative thinker, he oversees Dickinson's Corporation's facilities and technical development

Jack Smith, PhD, JD......................................... Vice President of Technology

A materials scientist and attorney, Dr. Smith has experience in materials research, patent prosecution and litigation. Prior to joining Dickinson Corporation, Dr. Smith developed expertise in intellectual property as a patent attorney at one of the country's most prestigious law firms.

Abhay Thomas, PhD...................................... Director of R&D

Dr. Thomas has spent the past five years of his postdoctoral career helping to invent and implement Dickinson Corporation's materials technology. He oversees process development, new materials characterization, and intellectual property development. 

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